Outlook is one of the worldwide popular applications. It has a huge user base that uses it for its work and features. However, like other applications, it is also prone to errors like Outlook Not Connecting to server or outlook trouble connecting to the server. But, the issue is not so typical.

Outlook Not Connecting to server

That’s why we came up with a guide that incorporates Outlook working offline fix. You can apply these methods easily because it does not require technical expertise. So let’s dive into the problem and fix it.


How To Fix The Issue Outlook Not Connecting To Server? 

Each problem occurs due to one or more reasons. Similarly, there exist some reasons that cause the error Outlook not connecting. What are they? Read in the next section.

Causes of Outlook cannot connect to server:


  • Weak or poor internet connection.
  • The antivirus assumes the outlook server as a threat to your device security.
  • IMAP misconfiguration.
  • There is a virus present in your system.
  • Damaged or corrupt Outlook PST files.

These are some known causes of the error of Outlook won’t connect to server. You can resolve the issue following the tips explained below.


Method 1. Check Outlook Status

To begin, check if your Outlook has the Offline Mode enabled. It may cause Outlook Not Connecting to server. 

In this case, you need to disable the outlook offline mode and bring it back to the online status. Follow these steps:


  • Head to File or Send/Receive tab.
  • From the menu bar, select the Work Offline tab and then deselect the Offline mode.
  • You will see a message on the bottom of the window “Trying to Connect.”
  • Wait until it gets back to online status.


Method 2: Check Email Credentials

If you have entered incorrect credentials (username and password) then the error Outlook cannot connect to the server will appear. 

Therefore ensure to enter the correct credentials this time. Take care of alphabets, capital and small characters, and special characters (if any).


  • Launch outlook.
  • Navigate through the File and select Info.
  • Now, select Account and Social Network Settings and then click Account Settings.
  • From here, select the Email tab to select your account. And, then remove it.
  • Go back to the home page to sign in again.
  • Enter the correct username and password.

Now, test if the outlook connects to the server or move on to the next solution.


Method 3: Restart Your Computer

Several problems of the computer including Microsoft outlook cannot connect to the server get resolved easily.

Many times, multiple applications keep running in the background. This generates an issue in processing. Therefore, you should give it a try and see what happens next.


Method 4: Fix Issue In MS Exchange Server

Although the chances of getting an exchange severe issue are null. But, it is always beneficial to perform a comprehensive solution.

To fix the issue in MS exchange severe, follow these steps:

  • Launch Outlook >> navigate through the File >> select Info.
  • Then, select Account.
  • Click on Social Networking Settings and proceed by selecting Account Settings.

If you see an orange icon next to the account, it signifies a problem with the server.

In this case, wait for Microsoft to fix the issue itself. As it is resolved, your issue of Outlook not connecting will get resolved as well.


Method 5: Update the Outlook to the Latest Version

Outlook is a prominent error and that’s why it keeps coming with regular updates. It keeps the application error-free and boosts its security. Therefore, it’s important to update the Outlook or any other application update to the latest version available.

So if you have an outdated version working on your computer then, Outlook cannot connect to server.


  • Head to the File >> select Office Account.
  • Select Updates.
  • Wait until the application updates.
  • Once the application is updated, restart your computer and check its online status.


Method 6: Repair Outlook

Sometimes reaping outlook helps in eliminating errors like Outlook Not Connecting to server. The process of repairing Microsoft Outlook is simple. Only follow the steps mentioned below:


  • Head to the File >> Account and Social Networking Settings.
  • Then, select Account Settings.
  • Now, from the pop-up window, click the option Repair.
  • If it asks for an admin password, enter and proceed by conforming to the action.

Wait until the process of repairing the outlook is running. When it ends, check for the connection status.


Method 7: Uninstall Extensions

An extension enabled in your outlook application may be causing the error Outlook Not Connecting to server. The only option is to get rid of it by disabling it. So if there are many extensions, you have to disable each extension one by one to find out the culprit extension.

Here are the steps to follow:


  • Launch Outlook and select File.
  • Now select Options and from the left bar click Add-ins.
  • Click the Go button and uncheck all the extensions >> Ok.
  • Lastly, restart your outlook to see if the issue of Outlook working offline is fixed.


Method 8: Rebuild Outlook Data File

Data files are essential in outlook. If there is an error in these files, it can cause you trouble. And, it can also be the reason that Outlook won’t connect to the server.

To resolve the error present in outlook data files, follow these steps:


  • Go to the Files >> Info.
  • Then select Account and Social Networking Settings.
  • Look for the Data Files tab and select it.
  • From here select the troubled email Id.
  • Now, search the Open File Location and copy the data to another folder/modify the extension.
  • Lastly, reboot the system or outlook application and it automatically creates a new data file.


Method 9: Re-Create Your Outlook Profile

In this method, you need not delete the older profile, instead, you can re-create a new profile and use both as and when needed.

Follow these steps to re-create your new outlook profile:


  • Head to the control panel and select Mail.
  • Then select the Add Account to add a new profile. Name the new profile.
  • To proceed, follow the Outlook Wizard and on-screen instructions.

Now, test the new profile to see if it connects to the server. If you want you can delete the old profile but before that make sure you create a backup file.


Method 10: Reinstall Outlook

If your Microsoft outlook cannot connect to the server even after applying the method mentioned above, you may have to reinstall outlook.

To reinstall the outlook, follow these steps:


  • Head to the start menu and then choose the Control Panel.
  • Now select the option Add or Remove Programs.
  • A list of applications will appear on your window screen.
  • From the list find Microsoft Office and select it.
  • Now, select Change and wait until the program loads.
  • Now, select Reinstall office >> Install.
  • Wait until the program reinstalls all necessary components.
  • And, click Ok when the installation process is finished.


Bonus Tip: Though it’s common one of the prominent tips people forget to share. When your Outlook cannot connect to server, check your internet connection. Make sure it is connected to the system and has a stable speed of internet.

To cross off the internet is working fine, open another application and check internet speed. In case the same issue occurs with other applications, restart your modem/router and your system.


Wrapping up:

We hope that the guide Outlook Not Connecting to server has helped you fix the error. You can try these methods since they are secure and easy to perform. Nonetheless, if you are stuck at any stage of it or the issue persists even now, you can connect with our technical experts. They have expertise in dealing with outlook errors and are available 24/7.

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